The City Lights Orchestra

The City Lights Orchestra is a highly sought after entertainment attraction for corporate and association events, as well as non-for-profit charitable galas. Their corporate entertainment program With a Song In My Heart has been providing inspiration, and increasing business ROI for many years. The orchestra has also appeared with top notch national musicians like Ray Charles, Mel Torme, Paul McCartney and many others, since its inception in 1974. The 45-piece orchestra travels nationally, and has provided its brand of corporate entertainment as far away as California and Arizona.


The Duo Behind The Music

Musical Director Rich Daniels and Associate Musical Director Dean Rolando joined forces with an array of talented musicians to bring listeners the renowned City Lights Orchestra. Both musicians have spent decades perfecting their craft, and building up their musical resumes. The results show in the form of top-notch musical performances for their corporate and association clients.


Rich DanielsRich Daniels founded the City Lights Orchestra in 1974, and it has been playing shows for corporations, as well as associations ever since. Daniels has worked with several renowned national musicians in his role with the orchestra.


Dean RolandoDean Rolando has been an in demand pianist/keyboardist for 35 years. He’s worked with renowned jazz artists, such as Laurel Masse. He’s also played such elite local venues as Orphans and the Pump Room.

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I've heard a lot of renditions of our National Anthem over the years. This was the finest rendition (by The City Lights Orchestra) I've ever heard.

President George Bush
Addressing the opening session of the National Restaurant Association

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